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My Designs

In February 2020, I started creating designs for Redbubble products. It gives me great pleasure and stimulates my imagination, inspiring me to create new graphic projects and capture the world from a completely different perspective - in a fresh and more creative way.

I have stored thousands of photos on my computer, many of which will finally see the light of day. I'm eagerly looking forward to sharing them with you. 

The amazing thing is that now they can find their place in your homes and bring a smile to the faces of many people. They can bring more colors and new images into your lives. I never imagined before that my photos could look so fantastic printed on various products. 

On my Redbubble profile, you will find approximately 100 different products available for each photo I have uploaded. My offer includes canvas prints, posters, photo prints, postcards, notebooks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, scarves, leggings, shopping bags, pillows, mugs (including travel mugs), water bottles, bedding throw pillows, shower curtains, clocks, laptop sleeves, phone cases, stickers, and even socks... and a few more things - see for yourself 😉.

I invite you to visit and browse my portfolio (Explore designs) where you will see individual designs or go straight to the Vienewi store website!

The themes of my photos used in projects are and will be very diverse. You will find photos from Cyprus, showcasing its beauty, flora, nature, and cute animals (including, of course, Cypriot cats that have their own album!), abstractions, elements of architecture, and some photos from Poland. I will continue to add more photos to constantly expand my collection.

How to navigate through the Portfolio on Redbubble?

For new Redbubble users, navigating the platform may not be entirely obvious. I've decided to provide you with a guide on how to navigate it in the easiest way possible.

When you enter my shop, you will see one sample item with a given photo. After selecting a product with a photo, you will see preview photos along with the price and the option to add it to your basket (on the right side on the computer). Below the preview photos, you will find the description of the product itself, and further down, my description of the design.

Next, you will see "Also available on" where you can check which other products the design is available on. To see the full collection of a particular design, it is best to click on the text: "Available on +98 products" below the photos.

Now let's go back to the product page. Below, you will find my profile picture and several other photos (designs) available on the same product. Then, you will see similar products from other artists (Similar designs) who also showcase their work on Redbubble.
Note: If you're using a phone, the order of the sections presented may be slightly different.

If you want to buy a product with one of my photos, please make sure that they have the description "By Vienewi".

Another way to browse through the designs is to use the "Explore Designs" tab. Here you will see the whole list of photos only, and after selecting the design you are interested in, you can see how it looks on individual products by clicking on the "Shop all products" option.

You can also explore specific product categories. To do this, use the filters available on the main page of my shop, located in the column on the left. You will find categories such as clothing, kids and babies clothes, phone cases, etc...
After selecting the appropriate category, the list of products will expand, and you can further choose subcategories. Please note that if you still see a mix of products, there might be a further division based on style within that particular subcategory, which you can select for a more accurate match.

For your convenience, there are also collections where you can only browse designs that align with your interests. Some images may fit into multiple collections, but I only place them once in the appropriate category. For example, a sunrise photo from Cyprus could be featured in both the “Sunrises...” and “Cyprus” collections, but will be placed only in the specific collection of “Sunrises and Sunsets”.

If you have seen any of my photos on my blog or Instagram and would like to have them printed on any of the products but cannot find them in the portfolio, please reach out to me, and we will see what can be done. 😉

If you're wondering about the perfect gift for someone special or what souvenir to bring back from Cyprus, perhaps you will find the answer here.


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