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Hi! My name is Ewelina and I am the author of this blog about Cyprus. Vienewi is my artistic pseudonym which I have been using for many years and I use it to sign my photos.

Photography is my biggest passion and a way to express myself. I love to show the beauty of the world around me and share it with other people.

I love long walks, geocaching trips, hiking in the mountains, and discovering new places and corners of Cyprus. When discovering them, I always try to look at them with my heart and see more in them than what is visible at first glance. I aim to capture the magic and soul of these locations. Each trip to a new place on the island is a unique experience for me, and I want to share it with others.

When I'm not out venturing into the captivating landscapes of Cyprus, documenting its essence with my camera lens, and expanding my knowledge to share on my blog, while perfecting my photographs, I delve into the fascinating world of genealogical research, uncovering the secrets of my family's past.

Alternatively, by spending time with my cats, I discover a magical world of unconditional love and joy.

I'm originally from Poland, but I came to Cyprus 15 years ago and quickly fell in love with this island. I returned to Poland for some time to complete my studies and defend my master's thesis, Even then I knew that my place was elsewhere, so I returned to Cyprus. Unexpectedly made it my home. 

With Henri - my adventure companion 💗

There are still many places in Cyprus that I would like to reach and see, as well as many places I would love to revisit.

I hope that my blog posts will inspire you and provide knowledge about this beautiful place. Above all, I want my creativity to bring you joy and provide an escape from everyday life.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I invite you to come back to explore Cyprus with me!

Feel free to share your thoughts, impressions, and memories. I am eager to learn more fascinating facts or details that I may have overlooked. Maybe you have a place to suggest that I simply must see?

Grab a big cup of coffee or tea 

... and enjoy reading...

Warm regards,



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